001 Video: How to Start a Great Interview – Podcast Winning Tips

Watch this video as Joel and Pei give a tip on interviewing guest on your podcast. Excerpt: When beginning your podcast interview, give the guest a reference point from which to start from – EX: “When you got out of high school…” “Right before your accident…” “The day before your quit your job…” Don’t assume they’ll […]

Celebrate little successes – key to be more and contribute more

Dr. Ganz Ferrance, a psychologist and international speaker, did not have the best upbringing. For the longest time, he thought he was not very bright. And, that nagging doubt did not stop, even after he earned all the degrees. Dr. Ganz later learned to “Accept your little successes – they are evidence you have produced […]

Treasure your relationships – key to success

We are so fortunate. We love our job! One of the best things Joel and I get to do, everyday, is to go deep with an entrepreneurial, industry expert – pick their brain, and learn from their mistakes, observations, best practices, and in-the-trenches advice. Subscribe to the show and never miss one: Raise Your Game – […]

A common trait of successful entrepreneurs.

Pei and I are having a blast with our dynamic, fast-moving, live radio show: “Raise Your Game – the ON-DEMAND resource for authors, coaches, and speakers”. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve helped a variety of callers and information-seekers, get focused, explore for better options, and take action on their next business-building step. Another […]

Is it time for a career change?

One of our callers asked a very interesting question – “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing in 10 years?” As it turns out, that question, and ones similar to it, have been showing up a lot lately in her circle of friends. She probably wasn’t expecting one of the comments I made to […]

What’s the best way to get your message out there? QUIT!!!


It seems like almost every day, there is another online tool, group, or community to get involved with and add to our stretched schedule. I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to manage and keep up with just one more thing is enough to lock down my computer and send my head […]

THE best love story

best love story

(For privacy reasons, names and actual dates are disguised) I’ve seen Edna, a petite, elderly lady, more than once for her dental needs. She speaks clearly, but her voice is a bit weak. One of her two children always accompanies her, especially because she seems to have some memory issues. I was very impressed with Edna’s two grown […]

How do I get on TV… For free?

In putting together two successful media tours – one for my first book and one for the recent #1 Amazon best seller, Finding your Voice, I built up tremendous credibility with radio and TV media exposure. I’m not talking about paid programming, where folks buy time on local cable access channels just so they can say they “appeared” on XYZ […]

RYG 013 Getting past, pleasing others.

If you missed last night’s “Raise your Game with Joel and Pei“: Traci in CO shared the anchor that kept her and her husband grounded and focused in spite of bankruptcy, medical complications, and employment challenges. One of her greatest lessons during that time – “Pride is not more important than my future.” Don’t miss tonight’s […]