001 Video: How to Start a Great Interview – Podcast Winning Tips

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Watch this video as Joel and Pei give a tip on interviewing guest on your podcast.

Excerpt: When beginning your podcast interview, give the guest a reference point from which to start from – EX: “When you got out of high school…” “Right before your accident…” “The day before your quit your job…” 
Don’t assume they’ll start their story where you would. Help them have a killer show. 

Celebrate little successes – key to be more and contribute more

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Dr. Ganz Ferrance, a psychologist and international speaker, did not have the best upbringing. For the longest time, he thought he was not very bright. And, that nagging doubt did not stop, even after he earned all the degrees.

Dr. Ganz later learned to “Accept your little successes – they are evidence you have produced something really good here. And you need accept that. Because when you do, you then are able to give more, produce more,  help other people in a bigger way”.

Just a couple of days ago, we interviewed Shelley Streit, who was a child of the welfare system, and learned how to support herself at the tender age of 14. Today, she’s an accomplished author, a certified cash flow specialist, and runs three businesses. Shelley said “Write down what you already accomplished. Don’t just look at what needs to be done….This is so important because success breeds success”.

Do you always feel you have not done enough? At the end of day or week, if you have a tendency to beat yourself up and remind yourself only what you DID NOT do, maybe it’s time to form a habit of celebrating your little accomplishments. If this was not ingrained in you during your formative years, can you nurture that now?

Listen to Dr. Ganz candidly shared how he struggled with self-esteem and professional burnout, and how he overcame.

http://www.findingyourvoiceradio.com/tweed-free-ganz-ferrance/ (Frankly, a little voice told us not to share this show. Both Pei and I kind of… you know… stumbled on our words…. See, it doesn’t take much to list our faults…But we believe it is of great value to our friends. His voice level was low at the very beginning, but we quickly fixed it.)

Treasure your relationships – key to success

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We are so fortunate.

We love our job!

One of the best things Joel and I get to do, everyday, is to go deep with an entrepreneurial, industry expert – pick their brain, and learn from their mistakes, observations, best practices, and in-the-trenches advice.

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Within a couple of short weeks, the tips from our experts are already changing the way we do business.

In this week’s “Success Summary” -we share one of the common traits of super acheivers.

Relationships are the key to success.

Chad Jeffers, the main man on dobro and guitar in Carrie Underwood’s band – A mistake some entrepreneurs make is viewing people in their same field as competitors. It is important to have an abundance mentality – realize that there is more than enough to go around, and create alliances with people in the same industry and business. On the show, Chad shares how many of his business breakthroughs are attributed to the relationships he built.

Mike Mack, business strategist and coach – referred many times on the importance of mentorship, key contacts and existing customers. He thinks “relationship” is paramount to success.

Paul Lawrence Vann, 20 years Air Force officer, 12 years Pentagon -  shared how important the face-to-face connection is, even in this day and age of online relationship through social media.

And the list goes on…

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and the author of one of my favorite books, Delivering Happiness, said many of his great business opportunities came from authentic friendship started 2-3 years back.

Questions to ponder:

  • What can you start doing immediately, to build and nurture one important relationship?
  • What can you stop doing so you don’t sabotage relationships?
  • How can you ensure your children’s relationship-building success?

A common trait of successful entrepreneurs.

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Pei and I are having a blast with our dynamic, fast-moving, live radio show: “Raise Your Game – the ON-DEMAND resource for authors, coaches, and speakers”.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve helped a variety of callers and information-seekers, get focused, explore for better options, and take action on their next business-building step.

Another fun part of the show is our expert interview segment. We pick the brains of some of today’s best, and most in-demand thought leaders. If you haven’t heard our past shows, you can go through our archives at any time and find interviews with incredible people like – Darren Hardy, Bob Burg, Carrie Wilkerson, Patsy Clairmont, Mark Sanborn, Mel Robbins, Larry Winget, Joe Calloway, Jane Atkinson, and Rory Vaden.

Here’s a question we ask often:

“Share with us a couple of mistakes you made in growing your business”.

You might be surprised by the commonalities in the answers – Mistakes? Lots of them! But I really don’t see them as mistakes. I value the lessons along the way.

Here are a couple of our most recent shows.

As you move forward with your 2014 goals, if you’ve stumbled across some road blocks or have had a few setbacks, congratulations – that makes you human. :-)

Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, turn a bad day into good data. 

Call into our show and let Pei and I help you brainstorm your way to the next breakthrough.

We are your friends in the journey.

Is it time for a career change?

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One of our callers asked a very interesting question – “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing in 10 years?”

As it turns out, that question, and ones similar to it, have been showing up a lot lately in her circle of friends.

She probably wasn’t expecting one of the comments I made to her, early-on, in the call – that the unrest she and her girlfriends were sharing was a normal part of the growth process and should be embraced.

Her question comes out of a feeling of spiritual discontent and her need to grow. It doesn’t make her a bad person or any less valuable to God, her family and loved ones, or to herself. It makes her human.

Once she learns to honor and answer truthfully her own self-reflective questions such as, “Is it time for a career change?” or “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” she will actually bring everyone more value, joy, and peace.

Hear her ask the question herself and listen to our responses.

Unfortunately, most folks try to run away from or mask similar inner questions. Some do it in socially acceptable ways – like throwing themselves into work, kids, and family affairs, or getting more involved in church and other extra curricular activities. Some do it in unhealthy ways…

Question for reflection: What is one inner question you’ve been asking yourself lately?

What’s the best way to get your message out there? QUIT!!!

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fyvquestionsIt seems like almost every day, there is another online tool, group, or community to get involved with and add to our stretched schedule.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to manage and keep up with just one more thing is enough to lock down my computer and send my head spinning.

I am going to say something that is probably going to contradict many of the gurus but here it is – QUIT! That’s right. QUIT.

In the early and adolescent stages of your coaching, speaking, and writing journey, QUIT trying to do it all. It’s most likely not serving others in the way you’d like it to and could be a recipe for you going out of business.

Last night on “Raise your Game”, a health coach in Florida was struggling with the idea of blogging; it was a painful reach for him and not something that fired-up his genius or his want-to. As it turned out, blogging was a chore and was stealing away some of his creativity. 

Our advice was like a breath of fresh air for him – FOCUS on the message and the delivery system that brings the most excitement. For Ted, it’s podcasting and videos.

The refreshing part of the conversation came in two pieces: 1) There’s nothing wrong with him; and2) If he puts blogging on the shelf (at least for now), he will have more time and energy to do what brings him the most joy.

How about you? Does blogging light you up? Or are you more enthusiastic about other ways to share your expertise, heart, and voice? Share your thoughts.

If we can help you brainstorm your way through your next business idea, like we did with Ted, schedule yourself as a caller for an upcoming show and we’ll talk then. 

Practical takeaway:

There are great ways to get your message out there, blogging is definitely one of them. The game-changing good news is – You don’t have to master them all. Focus on the most exciting.

THE best love story

best love story
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(For privacy reasons, names and actual dates are disguised)

best love storyI’ve seen Edna, a petite, elderly lady, more than once for her dental needs. She speaks clearly, but her voice is a bit weak. One of her two children always accompanies her, especially because she seems to have some memory issues.

I was very impressed with Edna’s two grown children. I saw lots of love and respect from the way they interacted with their aging mother. Sadly and too often, I have met many disrespectful adult children.

I started a conversation with Edna when her son left to wait in the reception area. I complimented her on how well she raised her kids. Edna had a big smile and said: “My grandkids are the same way”.

She then started talking about her recently deceased husband. It was 1953, young Edna was working as a telephone operator. On January 3rd, her coworker asked her for a favor – to take over a call. Little did she know, the young soldier on the other end of the line, Johnny,would ask Edna for a date for that very evening. Edna and her co-worker went on a double date with Johnny and his friend. Long story short, Edna got married with Johnny after ONLY TWO WEEKS of dating, and her co-worker later married Johnny’s friend after a year.

My assistant and I thought that was such a cute love story. Little did I know, I was about to hear more from her son.

After the procedure, I reiterated some post-op information to her son Dave. I also said, “Your mom told me the story of how she and your father met!” What Dave shared next almost brought me to tears. Dave said: “You know what’s more amazing? Toward the end of dad’s life, he promised mom he would give her 60 years. And sure enough, dad passed away on January 3rd, 2013, exactly 60 years from that very fateful day.”

I consider this the best love story. Of course I don’t know how their 60 years went, but the legacy of Johnny’s commitment to his wife is apparent in his children and grandchildren.

Sometimes we find ourselves spending more time deciding, rather than doing. And, because of the choices available to us today, we often have a tendency to “wait… so I won’t miss a better one”. Les Brown once said: “You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers.”

How do I get on TV… For free?

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In putting together two successful media tours – one for my first book and one for the recent #1 Amazon best seller, Finding your Voice, I built up tremendous credibility with radio and TV media exposure.

I’m not talking about paid programming, where folks buy time on local cable access channels just so they can say they “appeared” on XYZ station.

I am talking about being a guest and expert on local and national news programs and talk shows. I’ve been on more than 50 so far. Take a peek.

I’m often asked – How do I get on TV? Being included in media circles is definitely a fine art. Unfortunately, most authors, coaches, and speakers don’t realize that there is also a science to it.

For the next two weeks of our live radio shows (Mon-Fri on K4HD – Hollywood Talk Radio), we are answering your specific questions on how to master this powerful art and science combination.

AUTHOR, SPEAKERS, COACHES – Book yourself as a caller and Pei and I will devote an entire segment of our show to personally helping you.

No pressure. No strings. No expectations. If you have a book, product, or service that needs media attention, we can help.

RYG 013 Getting past, pleasing others.

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If you missed last night’s “Raise your Game with Joel and Pei“:

Traci in CO shared the anchor that kept her and her husband grounded and focused in spite of bankruptcy, medical complications, and employment challenges.

One of her greatest lessons during that time – “Pride is not more important than my future.”

Don’t miss tonight’s show.
Live live, 7p CT – www.k4hd.com